Is there an overview of how Appsheet maps to normal app functions?

I’m familiar with programming, databases, apis, and even nocode tools like Bubble.
Appsheet seems to divide up how app functions happen differently than the standards I’m used to.

How should I think about user authentication? Do I create a Users table, or do I not? How do I map Appsheet’s Google authentication to my users?

How am I supposed to think about unique record ids? I’m find with needing to setup a unique key but Appsheet won’t let me. Eventually by digging through enough articles I found a mention that the “initial value” field is the one to use to create a unique key but when I try to use UNIQUEID() it doesn’t work because it is actually inserting UNIQUEID([TEXT]) and I can’t edit it to remove [TEXT]. Like I can’t type into the input and when I insert a function I can’t edit it.

Sure it will. You’re probably doing something wrong. Please post a screenshot that shows AppSheet not letting you.

Huh? How did you discover this?


The articles on user in are a good example. They don’t say anything about how to think about designing the app. They don’t even allude to whether or not I need a user table, or can continue to use a user table if I already have one, or how I would map information to the credentials. Several simple tutorials on Appsheet include user tables, so presumably I should have one, but what do I put in it and how do I hook it in? Can I switch from no authentication to required authentication without changing how the tables/columns work?

The Keys articles continue this. They don’t say how to actually use Appsheet to implement these ideas. For example, one article mentions in passing that “you must specify the key value in the Initial Value property and never in the App Formula property” which made me go hunting and realize I could scroll the View Columns area to see a lot more column controls, one of which is Initial Value. So, cool. But when I try to use the Initial Value expression assistant I can’t type in the input and I can’t modify the inserted formula and it’s got an error (see screenshots) I can type into the input for Formula, as a comparison.

I can’t upload two files so I’ll try to put the other one in another post.

Am I missing the existence of some tutorials where someone actually goes through using Appsheet step by step? At every step I’ve tried to do something there’s a blocker when I don’t know if it’s supposed to be done in the original spreadsheet or in appsheet, or which control in appsheet handles that feature, or why it’s not working when I do find the feature, or why it automatically reset itself because it didn’t like what I did. The youtube videos I’ve found are mostly marketing and the help articles explain aspects of how to think about appsheet design but not how to actually implement designs.

Here’s the other screenshot showing that I can type into a different column control field.
screenshot appsheet expression assistant can type

First, I wish to applaud you for being so diligent in searching for the tools to help yourself. Not many do that.

Maybe so. Have you seen the “Education” menu option at the top of this page? Under that is AppSheet Academy and from what I understand is free and contains a lot of video content. I didn’t learn AppSheet from that (or any other tutorials) so I can’t speak to its comprehensiveness,

AppSheet also has a Youtube channel with many videos located there.

Where I get a lot of my information is from the AppSheet Support Articles. Which I think you have already found. Customer Support - AppSheet

But by far the best learning tool is this Community. There are seasoned experts always checking this community for Questions and willing to help. If you ever get stuck, simply post a question in the Questions section. You’ll usually get a response within an hour or two but don’t be discouraged if you don’t. Most responses are from AppSheet developers and we all do get busy at times creating a lull in response time. But someone will respond if they can.

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