Is there any sample apps which use AI on Google Cloud, etc?

I am interested in to handle the sample apps, which use the plugins or connections with AI, such as Google Cloud, to master how to use them?

Hi @Shibata_Hidetoshi!

Welcome to the community. I’m not sure if I understand exactly what you are looking for but I’ll try to help.

I recommend that you search this community with the user name @tsuji_koichi. He has written a lot about using various kinds of plugins with AppSheet.

Also, we recently had an inquiry about how to learn AppSheet. Perhaps that discussion would interest you:

I’ve made a video about how I use AppSheet with Google sheets to provide feedback to my students. It has Japanese subtitles:

Good luck!!

追伸 このフォーラムでは、英語以外の言語も使用できます。例えば、スペイン語やポルトガル語で投稿する人がかなり多く、返事を書く人は Google translate で内容を確認し、英語で回答します。日本語で質問した方が楽だったら、日本語のままでも良いと思います。(熊本から)

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Thank you for replying my question.
@tsuji_koichi has lots of informtion. has good inspiration.
Thank you
Hidetoshi Shibata