is there any way filtering data in datasheet...

(요가퐈이어) #1

is there any way filtering data in

datasheet view ?

i would like to filter data like an excel filter

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You can filter data with a security filter or with a slice. - Slice Row Filter Conditions Slice Row Filter Conditions

(요가퐈이어) #3


Thanks but i just want filter by ascending or

descending in UX table view. for example, inspectors(a, b, c) are randomly distributed in the list,

i want to filter each fields not only “inspector” but

also “list number” on the UX-Table View

(Yılmaz Kandiş) #4

@1119 it is not a full solution to your answer but you may enable Column Headers in table view. then when you are in table view, clicking column header sort the column in ascending and another click on the same makes descending.