Is there any way that you can have an enum fi...

(Miranda Lubarsky) #1

Is there any way that you can have an enum field default to a value?

For example, if I have an enum list of items, is it possible for the first value on the list to appear by default, but then also give the user the option of changing it if they want?


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You have many ways to do it… let’s take this one as an example. If you use Valid_if with the formula SELECT(Cars[MODEL],[MAKE]=“Toyota”) you can find the first value from your table with ANY(SELECT(Cars[MODEL],[MAKE]=“Toyota”)).

(Stephen Mattison) #3

Also can add the value you want to appear

into the Initial Value of that column.

(Miranda Lubarsky) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio @Stephen_Mattison Ok guys, thank you for your help.

Is there a way I can use a reference in the Initial Value field?

I tried typing the expression below into the Initial Value Field, but all it does is show the words “Design Numbers for 2018” in the field when I open the form.

What I want it to do is reference that table to find the tray size.


=‘Design Numbers for 2018’[Plant].[Tray Size]

(Miranda Lubarsky) #5


I got it!

Nm, thank you thank you.

Didn’t realize that I didn’t need to specify the table of the column for app–sheet, apparently it’s smarter than I thought.

That’s pretty darn cool.

Used this:

=[Plant Name (1)].[Tray Size]

Almost too easy!

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

You don’t need to use the table name itself because you have that relationship already.