Is there any way to add like a landing page, ...

Is there any way to add like a landing page, which only displays the background image but no data? I have a 1 table survey, but I don’t want it to be my opening view. I would like to have the survey closed until the installation technicians decide to fill in the questionnaire. Thanks

1.) Just add a table with one column, header and 1 data row only. Enter desired image name i.e. landing.png. 2.) Place that image into your drive >> appsheet >> data >> appName-accountid folder. 3.) Make the table read-only. 4.) Add a Virtual Column, name it as you like i.e. Dummy and assign an appformula of: =CONCATENATE(" ") 4.) Add a Detail UX with ref type 5.) Select MAIN IMAGE as your image column, select HEADER COLUMNS as your dummy virtual column, DISPLAY MODE as centered, IMAGE TYPE as background 6.) Finally, assign this ref type UX as your app’s initial view

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@Levent_KULACOGLU Thanks a lot, that was very helpful!

Hi thanks for your help.

How can you add the USER WELCOME NAME in landimg page?


You can create a VC with any CONCATENATE expression you would like and then assign this column as a Header Column in the Detail View properties. You can also apply formatting rule to that VC as well.