Is there any way to do more than a basic text...

(Lauro de Freitas) #1

Is there any way to do more than a basic text search from within an app? A search based on cirteria (which would be fields from the table)?

E.g. A table containing a list of contacts has a field stating whether a contact is businesss or personal, say. The user just does a basic search, all matches will come from both business and personal, but the use has the option to filter which type of contact gets searched.

(Fernando López) #2

This is an idea: 1. Create a table with just one row, the columns are the parameters (create as many you need Filters)

  1. Create a slice (of contact table) with filtering row of parameters of the previous table (this will be like a dynamic filter table dependent of the new table parameters) 3. Create a Virtual column in the new table of ref type to the new slice 4. Create a Detail View (of the new table) with Quick Edit of the parameters. When you change the parameter filters, the slice will update and show just the filtered rows. Try it…
(Fernando López) #3

I was forgetting… Create a dashboard view with the detail view(of the new table) and the table view

(of contact table). Skip step 3

(Fernando López) #4

Yes, it’s right. Be sure both are the same type

(Lauro de Freitas) #5

@Fernando_Lopez Ok, it appears to be working now. Thanks for this useful tip - it can simplify the app greatly.

(Fernando López) #6

You’re welcome

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #7

Hi @Lauro_de_Freitas,I believe currently advanced search function based on a combination of field values in a view is unavailable.

As a relevant topic on filtering data as per users need in a user friendly manner,

following blog post on AppSheet assistant feature (currently beta) may be of interest to you. - AppSheet Assistant View (Beta)

AppSheet Assistant View (Beta)