Is there any way to filter the data of one ta...

(Alfredo Pou) #1

Is there any way to filter the data of one table with data from another table?

Specifically, I have an EnumList where I select the one or the faults of a computer to be repaired. I need to select values from another table according to the selected faults. If the fault is only one, it works perfectly, but if there are several, it looks for the complete text (For example: It does not turn on, it does not give an image) instead of looking for one or the other. The idea was to use the SELECT () function. and filter by any of the values, but I can not apply an OR (Table [Column List]) because it takes it as a single argument.

In another similar case, I use an SPLIT function to generate a list of words from a text, and I need to filter by one of those words, something like OR (SPLIT ([Text], “”)). That does not work because it is a single argument. In both cases I can not think of how to make an OR with the values in the list.

Since already very grateful for any contribution.

(Kirk Masden) #2

I use AppSheet with Google sheets.

What I do in situations like that is to make a column on the target sheet that transfers the column I need from the first sheet.

Then, it becomes quite easy to write the expression for the target table.

Unfortunately, though, I don’t understand what has caused the phenomenon you described so I’m not sure if doing what I suggest will solve your problem.

(Alfredo Pou) #3

+Steve Coile

thank you very much for your contribution! But I still can not achieve what I want. To try to be clearer, what I try to obtain is the same result as if I put any of the terms searched in the search box. In other words, return all the records in the list of spare parts that “contain” any of the texts of the searched list (Moto, G5, XT, 1675). You can see the difference of the result in the images that I attach.