Is there any way to have the user select mult...

(Green Gorilla) #1

Is there any way to have the user select multiple items from a list?

I will have a the data in a column called “options” in a table used to look-up things. In the column will be things like “motor”, “remote control”, “charger”, etc.

Basically, I want them to be able to choose any number of the things on this list.

AND, if possible, be able to choose some of them more than once! I suppose it’s just like adding things to a basket on amazon or wherever… either click three times to add 3 motors, or click once, and change a value to 3…

Am I making sense?

Thanks in advance. Craig

(Green Gorilla) #2

Dur! I think it’s the EnumList thing, isn’t it? Think that’s ok… I can then check those lists with a CONTAINS() thingy…

That it?

(Philip Garrett) #3

An EnumList lets you choose one or more options from a list, but it does not permit you to specify an item more than once or to associate a quantity with a selected item.

If you are implementing a shopping basket, or something like it, you should create a separate child table to hold each ordered item. The child table would contain: 1. The item type 2. The Qty of the item. 3. A ref back to the parent record.

Take a look at the OrderCapture sample app to see how to do this. In particular look at Order (Parent record) and OrderDetail (Child record).