Is there any way to know if the user has closed the app?


I’m just wondering if there’s a way to solve this problem:
Users (staff) have to ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ of their shift for time tracking
Users are supposed to clock out every time they finish a shift
Often they forget, so hours are never accurate

I can auto close their shift if there’s no activity in some specific amount of time using google appscript, but it’s not really a good solution for my app, because the times between actions are pretty variable and it would be very inaccurate. Also that’s pretty complicated to implement because it’s a complicated system with a lot of different actions.

So is there a way to perform some action when a user closes the app? Or any other logical ways to handle this?



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I’d recommend if possible enforcing a “your last action will be your clock out time”. If your app is your center of tracking what they’ve done then make it that. If you’re actually working 20-30 minutes more past your last action doing anything you only get credit for that if you clock out after doing it.

I only recommend this approach cause appsheet doesn’t have another method. You can track edits and syncs in the audit history but there isn’t an automatic way of sending those logs to anything so you’d be manually finding their last actions and what not. In addition to that if you have background sync enabled then it syncs every 30 minutes which can throw off your investigating their time.