Is there any way to show a Progress column as the Image on a Deck view?


Apparently, the Deck View doesn’t natively allow for showing of Progress type columns as the main image for the row.

does anyone know of any “trick” to get the Progress column to show as an Image?

(NOTE: I am aware of dynamic SVG’s and can revert to that if needed. I’d prefer to stay within AppSheet ecosystem first.)


Just in case the below simple workaround helps. It is obviously not as elegant ( The progress status looks bigger in detail view) or may not be as efficient in terms of performance etc. as using a built in column type from the app itself.

However I believe it is more flexible. The approach has a look up table for those completion status images. The logic can pull status images based on status in the main table from the lookup table. With this look up table, one may have more than five default statuses with and even different presentation in terms of say RGY colors, or simple dials etc. I created those 5 statuses using MS Powerpoint pie charts and then convrted those to PNGs.

Hope this helps.

Deck View


The card view has percentage dials… All you need is a percentage column, instead of the progress column… (albeit not very responsive yet in my testing with dashboards.)

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Ah yes! I should have thought of that. Its probably what the Progress columns are doing anyway - pulling in an image based on the Enum setting. And you’re right, creating our own is more flexible as we can include eighths, sixteenths, etc if we so desire.

On the other hand having to deal with creation and storage of the images, may have me lean towards an SVG, unless it becomes complicated.


Yes. I haven’t played a lot with the card view yet. Are they supported in production now?

Hi @WillowMobileSystems,

Thank you for finding the approach useful.

On the SVG part, I agree with you that that it is much more flexible. I am also keen on using it, as possibilites are enormous. However, I am you will ensure rendering of SVGs on various devices and operating systems that your users will be having as there seem to be occasional challenges at present. With .jpg or.png images, one is sure that the image will render.

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How about…

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That might work. Its done with a Format rule? Are you using a Progress columns or simulating it with Format icons?

Format rule with the text size 2

How are you pairing the Progress column dials with the Text?

If you have the progress column, you can use that one like [Progress]=“Full” and then select the text field as a target.

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