Is there any wildcards available in search?


As shown in this picture, I am about to see rows containing texts like,

“Happy New Year
“very happy this year
“So happy those good years. I love you dear.”

,by using wildcards in combination with characters which normally available in RDBMS query.

Is there any wildcards like this in search?


Search is a simple text match; there are no wildcards.

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Is it available somewhere else in AppSheet?

Nope. :frowning:

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I am thinking about creating an advanced search form. Is it possible to do?

It is, but there is some complexity if your app has more than one user.

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The mixture of:

  • 2 new 1-row tables containing dereference expression in Valid-If
  • 2 new detail views
  • 2 new actions (for each view)
  • A dashboard for the 2 detail views

I have got a poor man’s Advanced Search. It’s good enough for me.

Using these searches in combination with the AppSheet’s built-in search (at the top band & inside each column’s dropdown), user can dig down into what they want to search in each column.

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