Is there anyway to prevent AppSheet from show...

(Jason Butnor) #1

Is there anyway to prevent AppSheet from showing only data from a Gsheet that

has had a filter applied to it? I wrongly assumed that even if my Gsheet was temporarily filtered that AppSheet could somehow still see all of the data.

I didn’t realize that happens… and found out by accident.

(Michael) #2

I’m a little confused by your post. Are you saying that you want to hide data from being displayed in AppSheet by using Google filters at the sheet level? Or are you saying that is what is happening? In my experience, AppSheet will see all the data in the sheet regardless of Google filters.

If you want to prevent data from being displayed in your AppSheet app, you would need to do so within the app. There are many methods to do so. One would need more information about what you need to accomplish to make any suggestions.

(Jason Butnor) #3

Sorry for the confusion. AppSheet was showing only the filtered data from a Gsheet. Once I removed the filter from the Gsheet the data hasn’t updated yet even after syncing.

(Michael) #4

@Jason_Butnor That’s a little odd. I’ve never seen AppSheet affected by filters applied in the backend spreadsheet. That said, I have experienced a ‘delay’ in data not refreshing very quickly when ‘Server Caching’ and/or ‘store content for offline use’ is enabled. Try disabling those features. And if you’re only working with the online emulator, try refreshing the entire browser rather than simply syncing the app.

(Tony Fader) #5

@Jason_Butnor AppSheet doesn’t mix well with filters. You can use filter views, though.

(Jason Butnor) #6

@Michael Yeah it never happened before today and I have always used back end filters when working with the data without any problem, but it’s fine. I was only asking because it’s helpful to hear what other people know. Thanks very much for your time.


(Jason Butnor) #7

@tony Thanks for the link man, I only vaguely remember the filter views so I will have to go back and bone up on it. Thanks for the help!