Is there anyway to show a table where the las...

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Is there anyway to show a table where the last line of the table has cells that are a sum of the values above?

I know that AppSheet treats a table like a proper database, where each row is a new entry that should follow the same parameters as all other rows in that table.

But maybe there is a work around? Like a virtual row instead of a virtual column, this virtual row being in bold or something and calculating based on above rows?

(Grant Stead) #2

@Aleksi_Alkio of course it’s doable… But why, oh why, would anyone want to do that over following good design… Cause it basically makes you have to fight appsheet from here on out… Now select functions have to have exclusions, group totals break… I mean ugh Everytime poor Rogerio

posts in the form about something not working it’s going to be because of this “false” record…

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Nope, what it really comes down to is your actually have a higher order of data table that you need to include…

i.e. if you’re talking all of the companies equipment on that table, imagine if you had 10 companies…

Your would have a table of companies, then all of their related equipment in your current table… So all you need is a parent table… That’s where that single summation line would reside…

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@Grant_Stead but how to show the sums together with the values? Let’s say I have a list of Invoices for a single client. I want to know the total value of those invoices, as well as the summed liquid value of those invoices (minus taxes) and the sum of the client’s already made payments…

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Email address?

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App shared… take a copy and examine it.

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Anyway, my two cents when it comes to appsheet is that anytime you fight the natural structure that appsheet it’s banking on you having, then it creates 10x more work down the road… But I agree, I would be remiss to exclude that you CAN do pretty quick whatever you want I’m appsheet…

(Aleksi Alkio) #9

Well… sometimes customer can request something different and if you don’t want to loose, you need to find a way… even if it’s something different. I always try to do in a “right” way, but sometimes it’s not possible.

(Grant Stead) #10

@Rogerio_Penna Well, I would be looking in the app at the Client, and see the totals, and also see the value of each invoice as an inline table view… In a workflow report, I could see the total summary, and then also a list of each invoice…

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I got lost here “I would be looking in the app at the Client, and see the totals, and also see the value of each invoice as an inline table view”

See the totals? Where? Having a column for the sum of the values?

(Grant Stead) #12

I would be looking at the detail view of the client, which has columns that sum the totals… Then in the detail view you would also see the inline refrows of that clients associated invoices, at which point you could click into and see further details…

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What your talking about is a very classic relationship and space handles it pretty well…

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Workaround #462 :smiley:

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@Aleksi_Alkio Teach me, master! :smiley: Translate