Is there some sort of equivalent to a =query ...

(Steven Jeffery) #1

Is there some sort of equivalent to a =query type calculation in google sheets, in app sheet?

I want to find the total qnty of similiar filter sizes on various equipment.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Steven_Jeffery I don’t think there’s a way to do exactly what you want.

In your AC table, is “filters” a column with value like “20x20x2” and a “qnty” column? If so, you could create a table view of your AC table, group by “filters” column, with group aggregate COUNT. Set the position to Ref and it should show up as the inline view of AC units for a particular company.

(Steven Jeffery) #3

So how would I do the following:

I have a site: ABC Company

ABC Company has these units:

AC#1 - filters 20x20x2 qnty:2 AC#2 - filters 20x20x2 qnty:1 AC#3 - filters 30x25x2 qnty:2 AC#4 - filters 30x25x2 qnty:1

I want to have a summary column, or summary page that reads:

20x20x2 = 3 30X25x2 = 3

For the site I decide to look at.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #4

@Steven_Jeffery Depending on what you try to achieve, SELECT expression/function is what you are looking for.

(Tony Fader) #5

@Steven_Jeffery Something like this might work for you

(Steven Jeffery) #6

There is a list of various filter sizes, that I store as a table.

When we are adding a sites piece of equipment, the filters for that unit are referenced through the filter table.

It has roughly 150 various sizes of filters.

When you are adding filter info for that piece of equipment, it gives a drop down of the various sizes, and you choose one for that specific piece of equipment.

Under the overall site info table, I would like to have a summary page of what the totals are for the various sizes.

like illustrated, many units many have the same filter size, and I want to total for each various size.