Is this a bug with the "isPartOf" function of...

(John Baer) #1

Is this a bug with the “isPartOf” function of related tables?

I have created a set of related tables and entry/insertion works well with my user defined forms for both tables.

I then wanted to apply Events Actions based on the Form Saved feature.

I created an Action for each the Parent and the Child.

However, it appears that when the final Save is applied on the parent form only the Form Saved action on the parent is activated.

Shouldn’t the process drill down to the child(ren) and pick-up any Form Saved actions defined on them as well??

(John Baer) #2

To expand on this, after the initial save, if I add a new child and Save on the child form, the Save on the Child is initiated ( I assume because no parent changes were made) AND the child Event action IS activated.

(John Baer) #3

Still thinking this is a defect.

For now, I have worked around this problem by implementing a “bridge action” on the Parent side that will invoke the Child(ren) set of actions .

One beneficial side-effect of this solution is that I can control if the Child(ren) are updated first or the Parent.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

This is a known issue. The same sideaffect you will see if you set the option “re-open” to ON for the child record. It won’t open it again either. Fix is coming, but it will take some time.