Is this Delivery Scheduling App idea possible?

Hello, I am curious if this idea is possible:

  1. Customer places order with “delivery” tag on Shopify
  2. Custom app that runs every minute will add new orders with the “delivery” tag to a google spreadsheet with E-mail, Address, Name, Phone Number, Order ID, Item List, Payment Type and Payment Total.
  3. [In Question] AppSheet recognizes that there is a new row entry in the orders table and e-mails the customer to schedule a delivery time using a Google Form that submits the data to a Google Sheet.
  4. [In Question] AppSheet recognizes that there is a new row entry in the scheduled table and offers the order up for delivery drivers to grab it.

Yes. The only question is if AppSheet’s frequency suits your needs.

Mostly AppSheet is an action-based system meaning that user activity in the app drives processing

However, AppSheet does provide Scheduled automation functions. For example, in #3 and #4, you can setup a Process (or set of processes) that run on a pre-determined schedule, checks for the new rows and then applies the desired activity to each of the new rows found.

Beyond AppSheet, I subscribe to the idea that everything business is possible in software. But it is very difficult to find a single development platform that does everything. You frequently will need to combine several software tools together. Then it’s just a matter of finding the best tools at the right cost.

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Thank you! I had expected this was the route but I didn’t know about the addon that needed to be installed and activated.



There is a Bot you can start that will be activate anytime a new row is started.


Thanks! Yes, that is a very recent addition and I do remember NOW reading about it. If you don’t use it you lose it!! But that’s why the rest of the Community is here…to keep us all well informed. @Marc_Dillon is one of the best!!