Is this the only place to get customer suppor...

(Felix Tay) #1

Is this the only place to get customer support now? No more chat?

I have a situation. I created a prototype app called “Frontier Vault” and was testing it, but now I’ve decided to shelf it but there was no Archive function!

I can’t delete it because that will waste all my work so far, but I don’t need it anymore!

As a result, all my users are seeing that annoying “Please contact your developer” message everytime they sync their app.

Appsheet, would like it if you can talk to me ASAP on this


@Felix_Tay The alert causing the issue is “Some prototype-stage apps have significant user activity (more than 10 users): frontiervault-… Please convert them to deployable apps with an appropriate plan”

The app does not have require sign-in enabled, so each device it was tested on would be counted as an individual user. To get rid of the message, I would recommend the following:

  1. Mark the app to require sign-in (this may be enough to remove the warning without step 2, but just in case…) 2. Run a deployment check and mark the app as deployed (you can ignore any warnings from the check since you’re not really going to use it in production)

As you are on a per-user plan, marking the app deployed will not incur any costs but should get rid of the warning. The recent user count only tracks the last 30 days, after that you could set it back to prototype without seeing this issue.

Priority email support is available for Premium and higher plans via - Contact us - AppSheet Contact us - AppSheet

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Well… the pause option could work little better.

(Felix Tay) #4

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet, I’ve decided to just delete the app rather than kept getting charged for the ‘users’.

My users are still getting that message. Can someone please fix that?

I really want to migrate things into Appsheet but if embarrassing issues like this kept coming up it makes it tough for me to fully immerse myself in making apps.

Appsheet is good but I think solving the billing issues by making it simpler could be the next biggest improvement, as opposed to new features.

Or at least have the app stop embarrassing me in front of the audience for an honest mistake

(Felix Tay) #5

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet, many of my users’ experience was affected by this.

Why did you guys feel the need to add a time gap/pause so that the users would come to us with this? If there’s a plan upgrade needed that matter is between us the app creators and Appsheet, shouldn’t have involved our users.

It really feels as though you guys wanted to embarrass us on purpose for late payments. And while I can understand that, this case of mine isn’t even a late payment or anything like that…it was simply an honest mistake

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #6

Hi Felix, I will reach out to you with a direct email. I am the CEO of AppSheet and I do take your concerns seriously.

The last thing we want to do is to interrupt or add friction between app creators and app users.

The automated account alerting we have has been in place for more than two years. The essence of it is:

a) for a self-serve account, the system monitors your usage to check that you haven’t exceeded the limits

b) if there is an issue, it first sends you repeated emails and also flags the account with an alert on the website.

c) if there is no response, it indicates a problem via the app but without blocking the app

d) finally, if all else fails, the app is blocked

We have got to this behavior via trial-and-error. Unfortunately, we have learned that if there is no response to the account alerting emails, then at some point, we do have to negatively impact the app usage experience.

I would really want to understand what happened in your case — were the emails not received, did they end up in spam, etc. It will help us fine-tune the process so that it doesn’t hurt you and your users.

As a brief note: (a) you should be able to Pause your app and then it doesn’t count towards your account usage, and (b) it takes a few minutes between “fixing” an issue and it percolating through the alerting system, © we have “managed” customer accounts that bypasses this automatic mechanism applied to self-serve accounts.

You can always reach out to us via - Customer Support - AppSheet — and we do have the ability to manually override the account alerting in the short term. Customer Support - AppSheet