Issue all reports using an action

I want to print a report of the time attendance record.

Using a bot, but want to retrieve multiple data at a time without having to press one by one It’s like downloading a csv file using an action.
I want to know if the recording report works. and then use the bot to repot when pressing an action

Originally using virtual columns using formulas

IFS([Slip status] = “YES”, CONCATENATE(“MyDrive/appsheet/data/Sliplist-1816936/filepdf/Slip No.”,[HD Doc number],"-",[Time change],".pdf" ),[Slip status] = “NO”,“None”)

and then press “Yes/No Status” on the details page of the event.

what i want is Press the action to report as a PDA, like a bot, without having to sit and press each detail page of each person. I want a total report for everyone.

because I want to show everyone’s attendance and exit records at once

It sounds that you wish to create a report with multiple records of a table.

You may wish to take a look at the template start expressions