Issue: I keep adding a view, and saving, and then the view is gone

For my app Gonnella Com. +, I keep adding a “Settings” view (detail view) to my menu. This is not based off of User_Settings, just off of a regular table of mine. I saved this view multiple times, however, I keep finding that my view disappears. I search for it, but it never shows up. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi @retailpartnercom,

Please explore below mentioned workaround.
Could you please try with a different view name? Say “AppSettings” instaed of just 'Settings" . Please have the display name for that view “AppSettings” as “Settings” . This way your app users will see the view name as “Settings”

I believe the view name “Settings” could be reserved for the UserSettings view.

Also please be aware that in future if you wish to use the platform provided usersettings, you may need to change the display name of your own created view from settings to say “My Settings”


That worked. Thanks for your help!

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You are welcome!

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