Issue in field while using concatenation formula


I have a field “Total Amount AB” in my table in which I am concatenating various amount values from my table for different products so the issue I am facing is adding measurement part for one the product even though it does not have any relation with this field the said total amount field is getting updated with some values. I am adding all the relevant screenshot if someone could help why is this happening. Also adding screen shot of the formula added for the field for concatenation of various coulmns.

Your use of CONCATENATE() in the App formula expression makes no sense at all. Perhaps you meant SUM()?

See also:

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply but I do not want to perform addition of all these fields I just want to merge them so as I have a table in which I can show total amount per product which this field is merging from different columns.Since the formula of calculating the total amount is different for every product,hence I have created a field another field which just merges data from column and displays in table.

Attached screenshot of the table format.Hope this explains the issue

Nope, still makes no sense at all.

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