Issue in getting item wise count

Hi there, i m trying to devlop an app which accept itemdata. And at the month end, itemwise I have to check the whether counting is sufficient or not. If not then concern will be emailed.
Eg. At the month end, Sheet have 5no of data of item 1, 19 nos of data of item 2, 11 data of item 8.
Required no of data data are 10 for each item.

Here item 1 is not having sufficient data so concern should be informed.
I m facing the problem in counting the itemwise data. Then comparing it with required no of data.
Please out

Do you need to count the amount from different records or is the data stored item by item?

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A 10
B 20
A 12
A 15
B 6
C 32
B 19
A 18

Here no of counts of A is 4
B are 3
C are 1

I want these counts item by item.
And I wanna use this count for further evaluation like no of counts of A should be more than 10. If not, email should be sent to concern.
Here 4<10, so concern should be emailed.

For the condition rule you could use COUNT(SELECT(TableName[KeyColumn],[NumberColumn]))<10

Then in your email’s body text you could type…
<<Start: ORDERBY(SELECT(TableName[KeyColumn],[NumberColumn]<10),[Item],FALSE,[Number],FALSE)>>
<<[Item]>> of <<[NumberColumn]>>
<< End >>