Issue in Select Formula


I have a field “Name of Product” in which I want values to be pulled from a table “Curtain Rod” and the fields on basis in which the values to be pulled is “Size of Curtain rod” which exists in both tables. The issue I am facing is the matching values aren’t being returned as a drop down. I have added the following formula in App formula field : ANY(Select(Curtain Rod[Name of Product],([Size of Curtain Rod] = [Size of Curtain Rod]), TRUE))

Attaching screenshot of the way field is being displayed in Form.If can guide me where I am going wrong


Your formula works like a look up, it will get the first Name of Product in your SELECT() statement.

In order for you to have a dropdown, then the formula should be in Valid If or Suggested Values and it should look like this:

	Curtain Rod[Name of Product],
	[Size of Curtain Rod] = [_THISROW].[Size of Curtain Rod]

This will pull all of the Name of Product if it matches the condition in your SELECT() statement


Thanks a lot this resolved my issue.