Issue with a DETAIL and FORM view showing incorrect rows

Hey guys! I’m using appsheet to create a Guild Management app for a mobile game.
I’m running into a strange issue where when I select a row (Max Level for example) for a detailed view, it’s showing me the incorrect row (Player Trophy Count) - furthermore, clicking edit on this detailed view shows me a second incorrect row (Worldwide Placement). I need to see the detailed and form views for the row I am selecting, essentially:

Here’s a video explanation:

Thanks for your help! This isn’t a big deal or anything, just something I do for fun in my free time.

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Could you have possibly assigned some “Row Selected” Action?

Under UX->Views, find the table view used to show those initial rows. Expand it as if to edit and scroll down to the Behavior section. Under Event Actions, check to see if you have a custom event assigned there.

EDITED: What happens when you select other rows from that same problem table view? Do they ALL open different rows? Do they ALL open the same detail row?


The case you have more than one detailed view

Good point but that shouldn’t cause a DIFFERENT row of data to be displayed.