Issue with "add shortcut"

Most time works but when add shortcut at android tablet, It says " Failed to create short cut Make sure device has internet connectivity".

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Does the device have internet connectivity when the error occurs?

What was the resolution to this issue? Others are having similar issues and could benefit from the solution.

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Iā€™m getting same issue again on my Samsung S5.



My customers have the same problem
How could they fix this problem?


Hi! Some of my users are also having this issue :frowning:

Any thoughts?

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hello, @Steve, happy new year. after 1 year with appsheet and >100 phones with the apps creating shortcuts, today i get this problem on a new phone. Yes, the phone has active wifi and SIM card (i am downloading emails with the links to install the apps) a solution is needed. is there an alternative way to create the shortcut?

Please check that you are using https:// instead of http:// with the app image from UX > Brands.

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@Aleksi I checked and I have a http instead of a secured http

If this is a requirement, I would suggest:

  1. It should be specified/checked in that space
  2. There should be an upload options for those of us that do not have an SSL in our servers