Issue with chart-col series when selecting to...

(John Baer) #1

Issue with chart-col series when selecting top X values.

I recently implemented a chart using a slice that filters data using this statement:

IN([Team #], TOP(ORDERBY(Summary[Team #], [Delivery Success Rate]), 10))

I then updated the chart to show 3 fields side-by-side for each Key.

Initially the chart looked great.

But after performing a save/sync the chart looks like that in the image below.

The backing data (second picture) looks good.

It appears the col series chart is trying to insert data points for each non-existing key between the existing Key values.

The columns that show chart values seem to be correct just a bunch of bogus chart values in between.


  1. switching to row series is fine.

  2. attempts to create a sheet that serves up the Top 10 and by passing the TOP(ORDERBY()) statement above DID NOT solve the problem. 3) Having the chart reference a Slice that DOES NOT have the TOP(ORDERBY()) seems to work fine.

I had to remove this chart for now.

Any ideas what is going on??

(Tony Fader) #2

@John_Baer1 Hmm, maybe if your x-axis value is numeric, it will fill in all of the missing values between (as you said). What if you change the column type from a numeric type to text, will that work for you?

Adding @Sarah_Gould_AppSheet

(John Baer) #3

I tried using the same view again today …and everything worked great!!

As far as I know I hadn’t changed anything on my end that I think would have affected it.

Multiple users used it all day and it was fine.

Go figure!!