Issue with Date format I have a Date column ...

(Oliver PT) #1

Issue with Date format

I have a Date column and am trying to pull the value accross in to a text string to form the unique ID.

I am doing so by using =CONCATENATE([Date], “INSERT OTHER TEXT HERE”). It works, however is changing the date format in the text string.

So the Date in the Date field shows correctly, ie DD/MM/YYYY, however it pulls it in to the text string as MM/DD/YYYY.

Any ideas?

(Grant Stead) #2

Try wrapping the date in a text()

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(Aleksi Alkio) #3

As Grant mentioned, the CONCATENATE(TEXT([Date]), “INSERT OTHER TEXT HERE”) should work because the TEXT expression read the date value with the date format you are using in the app.

(Oliver PT) #4

Hi all, brief update - tried this with no luck. Still getting the date in reverse order (ie mm/dd). Have tried wrapping the date in text(), and also tried creating a virtual column with the Text([Date]) field, but it is still pulling in the wrong format…! So bloody annoying

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

And your sheet and all tables are using the same locale settings?

(Oliver PT) #6

Will have to go through and check the back end when I get home. Though I have all of this happening in a field as an initial value formula as opposed to a sheet formula, and I can see the error happening live in the read only field with the CONCATANATE formula in it. This would all be happening on the appsheet end no? All the tables within appsheet are set to the same locale