Issue with Date Format


Hi Team,

I have set localization of all the table in application to (English UK) and language in crome is set to Englisk UK as well but still for some user it is showing date format in UK style which is correct and for some it is showing date format in American format.I have double check with everything with user.

Please can you advice ASAP on it.

Try two of those.

  1. Go to spreadsheet directly and set the format rule for date field to UK style
  2. Make sure all of your app users Chrome setting - The language setting to be English (UK) rather than English (American)

Hi Tsuji,

Application is connected to DB I am not using google spreadsheet, Chrome is already set to English (UK).

Still for some user its showing incorrect date format

Sure. Hmmm…

What about checking the affected users Chrome settings. Once again, go to language settings.
There is section , the order of the language. Make sure English UK stay on the top of the list.

I suspect affected users settings may have other language, such as American, on the top of this order.

Try using TEXT([Date]) if this is an issue with a report/workflow/formula

It was interesting actually.

I put virtual column and placed a formula of USERLOCALE() and see what sort of value it would return.

When Japanese was on the top of the list, then returned “jp”

Pushed English (UK) to the top, then without restrating browser, but refreshed app by sync, then it returned UK.

The order of the language is obviously affecting app locale.

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