Issue with dropdown display?

Hi there,

My client just reported to me that the dropdown does not displays as usual, even if sliding remains available.
Because of it, the users do not think they have other choices available.

The involved phone model is an Iphone 5S.
Here is the picture: is it a normal behavior ?


How did it display before (usual)? Or what should it display according to your client?


that was filling the whole screen, or so, like it displays in the editor preview.

I just asked him, he confirms.

Have you tried a more recent phone?

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yeah, sounds like too old OS is causing an issue.


He tells that works on a more recent phone: Iphone 7.
He suspects the device screen size…
It seems that was working before, and he says that Apple made an update on the OS, can that be the source of the issue ?

It’s a possibility, but it’s hard to say for sure.

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OK thanks @Steve and @tsuji_koichi,

Then he will have to keep that in mind and tell his staff members to be aware of this glitch.
Fortunaly that’s just a “small displaying issue”, if I may say, and not a “hard issue”.
50 phones to replace are a lot to take out of the pocket :slight_smile:


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Not sure if we call this as glitch or not, but without like it or not, the morden device we purchase is getting old ant not workable for some cases. Rather than glitch , I would call as a headache.


Yes, actually “glitch” is not the correct word I was looking for, “subtle detail” is more suitable.
English is not my first language, I thought it was a nice synonym for “tiny tiny tiny issue” (my mistake !), but I like “headache” as well :raised_hands:

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I speak to my users when we see the same issue. It is good opportunity for you to speak to your boss to get the most latest device for your job, otherwise your daily works would be affected.