Issue with the HTML to PDF conversion

Hi all… we are working on the mitigating the issue with Workflow triggered PDF generation service. Initial analysis shows the Root Cause is an issue with the third party service HTML2PDFRocket, we use. Service is returning error in generating PDFs from Workflow Templates. We are working with the Third party service to resolve the issue. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Updates below.


Today my work was impacted significantly at office… We were not able to generate receipt /invoices and our customers had to face inconvenience. Please fix ASAP

Timeframe? It’s having a big impact. Saturday is a busy day for us

Update: We are still troubleshooting and following up third party service provider. As an interim , we will be making an emergency fix to fallback to an internal PDF rendering service which was being tested with few customers. This is an interim only fix until the issue with third party is resolved.

We don’t have a clear ETA yet. Tentatively, it will take us at least 3 hours to test and roll this out.


Thanks for the hustle guys we appreciate it :slight_smile:


Update: We are still seeing intermittent issues with the Third Party Service: HTML2PDF. We are working with them to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, we have released an interim fix to render PDFs using internal service whenever the HTML2PDF based PDF generation fails. This is for mitigation only as we are aware that this has few issues with formats of PDFs/Sync Times. We will be working on fixing them ASAP as and when we find them.

Please post your issues with PDF formats to this thread: Try the New PDF Creation Facility

We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience.


Hello guys, have you resolved this? I’m trying to determine an issue where email to print (Epson) is arriving out of order and some of the emails (print jobs) are showing up >10 min. Thanks for the hustle I’m sure you’re working hard at this.

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Hi can you send me the link to the New PDF Creation Facility, currently struggling with the current one