Issue with UX view not showing the same slices as per "view data" output

Hi guys.

What might I be doing wrong if my slice “view data” table is showing the correct items as per my conditions but my UX view based on that slice doesn’t show all those entries?

I have recreated the slice etc. but it still doesn’t show the right entries in the view?

Hello @Gerhard_Viljoen , i can only think of show_if column constraints and slice filter expressions as the possible culprits, if you could share more information about your tables and slices i could take a look.

EDIT: Maybe security filters too?

More than likely the app is not navigating to the view you think it is. Navigate to your mentioned view and then look below the emulator for the View and Table the app is using. See image below. The blue text is clickable.

NOTE: For parent/child Form view, this emulator data will always show the parent info even as you navigate to the child entry form.


Thanks John.

No this is not my problem. Definitely based on the correct slice table…

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I have no security filters added and all the other slice views with the same kind of expressions work fine when showing in the view.

This is my formula:

ISNOTBLANK([Reported by]),
ISNOTBLANK([Reported to]),
ISNOTBLANK([Incident Short Description]),
ISNOTBLANK([Severity Level]),

ISNOTBLANK([Event Description]),
ISNOTBLANK([Immediate Actions Taken]),
ISNOTBLANK([Cause Identified]),
ISNOTBLANK([Responsible Person]),

ISBLANK([Date Closed]),
in(“Open”,[Related Actions][Action Status]),
isblank([Signed /Authorised])

And then under the table slice I click on “View Data” and get the correct outcome:

But then on the app view I only get the one entry:


Ok! :slight_smile: Didn’t know what level developer you are. Started with basics!!

Since you are certain the view and data are all fine, then I would start by de-constructing your Slice filter - take out bits and pieces until the view and slice match. Then inspect closely part removed that seemed to be causing the problem.

And I would start with

in(“Open”,[Related Actions][Action Status]),

There have been some unexpected results when using the related columns in this manner. It should be supported but still…things happen. I personally have experience such problem in a complicated expression and was forced to break up the usage of the related column into other VC’s to get it to work.

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Thanks John.

I do think this expression may be the issue. But that means the “testing” functions for expression and data both work independently from how these slices deliver the data as outputs for the UX to process. I will not be able to change my second table without complicating things for my client. So I hope Appsheet will be able to help me sort this out. I’ve been waiting some time for them to get back to me via the support email option.

I’ll try one or two other things but this is something that is supposed to work. Not an added functionality…