Issue with writing file name with automation

Hi there

I’m having an unexpected situation here.

Previously I was able to make a button with Actions/Workflows, in order to create a file then access it with a file column, as explained by @Rich in this post:

Now I’m trying to re-create that with the automation feature, but as you can see : it writes down the correct value, then replace it with the previous value.

I checked: there is no “reset on edit” on the file column.

My bot is really simple:

  1. When event occurs “Quote TriggerQuote Switches” : UPDATES_ONLY
  1. Run process "Process_CreateQuote"
    a) create_quoteName_with_timestamp
    This one updates value on [QuoteFile] column (Set row values):

“appsheet\data\myFolder”&TEXT(NOW(),“YYYY_MM_DD - hh_MM_ss”) & “Quote” & [QuoteReference]& “.pdf”

b) createQuoteWithName
This one creates the file, with FileName Prefix:


And that’s it !
The file is created, so that’s half the job done.

I don’t get why it’s coming back to previous value on the file column in the Quote table.

At investigating, I noticed the Bot Monitor shows:

The 4th step intrigues me, even if I don’t think this relates to my issue.
What is it ?

Edit : minor changes

This seems similar to Updating column values -unexpected behaviour The last Task overwrites everything

We are working on a fix for this issue.


Thanks @Dan_Bahir, I will wait for news from you then.

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