Issues moving between different apps

We are having issues while using multiple apps in chrome. Once logged in, we can access whatever app we first click on, but in attempting to move between apps it always loads the initial app. Attempts to go to app gallery and choose a different app result in a hanging at “Syncing the app” and it won’t resolve unless we clear our history and start over again. I am guessing this is an issue with the version of chrome we are using, since it seems to be a new issue.

Version 79.0.3945.117

There are also times where the current app loads, but it loads with a grey screen. The buttons are visible but no data. We have to clear history and refresh to get it to load, or sometimes a simple browser refresh button click works.


I’m sorry that no one has responded to your post. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the answer is either.

In a case like yours, it might be a good idea to write to They don’t always read everything that is posted here but I’m pretty sure they’ll respond if you write to them directly.

Good luck!