Issues with Google Calendar in my app

Good afternoon Sirs:

I’m using Google Calendar as a data source in a app. Everything is fine when I create the event from Google Calendar, but when I try to edit an event from AppSheet the Title and Attendees fields do not appear as editable, despite being marked as editable. On the other hand, when creating an event from AppSheet, the Title field does not appear, while the Attendees field does not appear editable.

Is there a way to be able to edit Title and Attendees in events created from Google Calendar and to create events by filling in all fields from AppSheet?

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The calendar data-source integration is rather limited in what you can do with it; that’s largely the reason the calendar view type was created - because working with a true calendar is… trying. lol

If you feel something might be off, you can always reach out to and report it - it might be a legitimate bug.

  • It seems like the title should be editable… I mean… it’s the title! (^_^)
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