Issues with records vanishing & data not syncing completly


I have just faced the following issue which is of concern…

I entered 16 records through one view…it has been set up such that every time a record is saved, it triggers an action to add 18 rows in another table

When the sync completed, I noticed the following:

(1) Only 14 records were visible in the App though earlier I saw that the App was showing 16 records…so two records have vanished…the excel backend shows only 14 entries

(2) I should have 16 * 18 = 288 rows in the second table…however it is showing only 236 rows…so it has added 18 rows correctly for 13 records of the 1st table + only 2 rows for the 14th record…so it has missed 16 rows for the 13th record and added nothing for the 16th & 17th row of the 1st table (which are not visible in the Apps either though it was at one time showing)

Any clues to this ? Memory issues somewhere?

Just to add I have noticed in the past also this happens if records are entered in quick succession. It initially shows as added in the App and then vanishes

Perhaps you have a security filter that is withholding the rows?

Perhaps you have a bot that is deleting the rows?

Perhaps the newly-added rows have duplicate key column values?

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Thanks Steve

No I am not using Security filters nor Bots…also all Keys are generated using UNIQUEID()

Any views on this? Should I refer this to the AppSheet support team.

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Yeah, probably a good idea. I’ve got no other ideas. Please let us know what you discover! :slight_smile:


Thanks Steve…I will write to them…

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