It looks Appsheet system behavior, but looks also a bug to me

  1. Place a virtual column in parent table. App formula simply uniqueid() – [unique]
  2. On the child table, create virtual column to pull the parent record of virtual column, using deref such as [parent].[unique]

Assuming the both virtual column value returns the same value as it is REF, looking up the value in parent table. However, it seems the uniqueid expression is separetely excuted on parent/child table, regardless of the actual expression I placed for.
Interestingly, the child table multiple records which ref to one parent. Those child table virtual column is returning the same values.

Shall I go to support to call for a bug fix, or this is native and expected behavior, so no point to correct?

I’m confused. :frowning: Can we get some screenshots?


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Here’s my guess…

A VC App formula expression is reevaluated with each sync. If the expression includes UNIQUEID(), a new ID will be generated with each sync. When you add a new child, the child’s App formula expression will get the current parent’s unique column value. The app then syncs, prompting the reevaluation of the parent’s unique value. It appears the children, then, will have the previous value of that column.

I wouldn’t think this a “bug”; instead, I’d call it expected behavior.


thanks Steve.

I send email to support, but reported as a bug!!!

On the child table and vc expression, Uniqueid() expression is not used, should refer to the value in the reference record and column value linguistically.

Logically incorrect, so i call as a bug

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