It seems that in the last few hours, my app h...

(Morris Arthur) #1

It seems that in the last few hours, my app has lost the ability to add new records (without any changes to the design).

Is anything funky at Appsheet?

(Morris Arthur) #2

I was able to use a workaround to get it working: I cleared the “If this condition is true” field of the system-generated action.

I had this field set to “False”, because I didn’t want users adding child records directly. I wanted them to Add via the parent record… and that had worked.

(Morris Arthur) #3

So, now, the Add sign “+” is being displayed with the Child table.

This is undesirable. How do I allow users to add child records from a parent record, but disallow it directly in the child table ?

(Morris Arthur) #4

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet Valid idea, however the child’s Ref field, the Parent’s unique identifier, is not readily known by the user… thus, the necessity of searching for the parent prior to adding the child record.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

After our deployment tomorrow (around 1PM PST), it will be possible to mark the Add action as “Do Not Display”. We were being overly zealous trying to correct that when checking the app definition.

(Morris Arthur) #6

@praveen Works great,

as desired.


(Morris Arthur) #7

@praveen I spoke too soon. Last week,

I thought it was working correctly… But today, with Add enabled and Add Prominence set to “Do not display”,

I cannot see the “New” command for a new child record under the Parent record.

i.e. Appsheet is not displaying the “New” as well as not displaying the Add Action icon.

(Morris Arthur) #8

@praveen I’m back to “Display overlay” so users can Add records…

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #9

ok, well, yes the two things are related. Sounds like you want to show it one place and not in the other. We don’t have that level of sophistication yet

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #10

No intentional change. Could you please submit a bug report via - Customer Support - AppSheet with as many details as possible. Thanks Customer Support - AppSheet


@Morris_Arthur Actually this was related to an intentional change. It was not intended that those inline add buttons should ignore the action condition, as the condition should really determine whether the action is enabled regardless of where the button is. Seems like we need more view-specific controls for when and how to show actions though, since there’s no expression to produce the behavior you want. As a workaround can you try setting the prominence to something like display Inline rather than making the condition False? The + button in the table only appears in the table view when the action is set to display Overlay.

(Morris Arthur) #12

OK. So I was taking advantage of a flaw in the original implementation. I’m surprised that others don’t have this requirement for making sure all child records have valid parents.

(Morris Arthur) #13


I was momentarily optimistic when I looked at the Prominence attribute of the Add Action. I chose “Do not display”… that would be a perfect solution. However, after choosing “Do not display”, then Save, my changes didn’t

stick: Prominence went back to “Display overlay”.

I cannot change to “Display inline” either.

Bug ? or by design ?


Hmm… I guess for these system actions the presentation options are constrained in this way. And I think “do not display” would behave similarly to making the condition false and hide it everywhere as well. @praveen can you think of any way to accomplish this? If not maybe we can exclude him from the new behavior until we have a way to configure this?

(Morris Arthur) #15

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet I’m OK for now. I turned on “confirmation required” and suggested my users respond “no” if they try to Add directly.


Ok, and if you mainly just want to make sure every child has a parent, you could also set the Ref to be required. If it’s currently hidden you’d also need to show it in the form when blank to enforce the requirement, for example with a Show_If like IsBlank([_THIS])

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #17

@Morris_Arthur, it should be possible to mark it as “Do not display”. Let me check.