Item Bundles or packages for app similar to Order Capture sample app?

Does anyone have any ideas or possible suggestions on how to create something like an item bundle or services package that contains items or services and be able to select the bundle or package and add them to an order and it will have the items or services show up in an order?

Thank you!

I believe to do this you would need your Products and/or Service table, Orders table, OrderLineItems table, Bundles table, BundleLineItems table. Just like Orders is the parent of OrderLineItems, Bundles is the parent of BundleLineItems. You would create an action that if you want to add a bundle it add that bundle’s line items to the either the current open order or starts a new order and adds the items to OrderLineItems.

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Hi @Jason_Spicer
I think there is a sample app which may help.i am not at my computer but I think it could be the “Quote and proposal” app I won’t be able to check until later.

Thank you, I will have to try it out and see if I can get it to work.