Items are not shown when inline view has Grouped By


I have a Customer form which refs to an Membership inline view (Customer → * Memberships). In the Membership inline view, if I choose to grouped by Membership Type, the items will not be shown in the Customer Form; If I remove the grouped by, everything is ok. This bug only happens recently, I think there’re something wrong with the recent upgrade of Appsheet.

P.S: The Membership Inline view uses Deck view

hI @tinhthucspa

Try Column Order after Group By

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Hi Izzat,

I use Deck view for Membership_Inline, so there’s not Column Order in this kind of view.

Creating a new view type Table, and Position type Ref, then use it as a reference instead of as a Membership_Inline

Yes Izzat, your suggestion is a way to workaround, but the problem is that I want to use Deck view for Membership Inline. I have to temporarily remove the Grouped By field to workaround this problem.

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Please post a screenshot demonstrating the problem.

When there’s no group by, inline items
show ok…

(pls see next reply, I can only embed one media per post)

…And they disapear when there’s group by (group by a virtual column which is the combination of name and phone number, but it’s not because of the virtual column, same thing happen if I group by a real column)

I’ve also tried this with another refs of Customer and the same problem happened. Please be remind that this happens only with inline Deck view, if I switch to Table
view (like the below refs in the photo) it’s ok.

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I believe this is a bug. Please contact for help with this.

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Thank you for your confirmation, Steve! I’ve worked around by cloning this view to use in non-inline context and disable Group By for the one that is used as inline view.