It's WAAAAAY too easy to loose all progress made inside the expression assistant

Accidentally hit the escape key… everything’s lost.

Accidentally click outside the assistant’s box… everything’s lost.

Too easy to loose what could be dozens of minutes spent trying to do something super complex.

Not sure where else to put this…

Yep, been there…


If I am looking for a path with expressions and this path is complex and time consuming, I first write my expression in Excel.

Then I use Notepad as Editor without using the expression assistant. I convert the Excel expression to an Appsheet expression.

So I save time.

The first question I asked on the form was whether there is a formula for running expressions.

Maybe the question I asked on the form was not understood, maybe I couldn’t explain it.

If we have a formula for executing expressions, in the Appsheet editor we also avoid navigating between columns and ux.

I find your request very meaningful and I vote.