I've got a form with 5 tabs. I want a specif...

(Simon Robinson) #1

I’ve got a form with 5 tabs.

I want a specific column to appear on all 5 tabs, so you can change it from any tab.

So I’ve created a slice and added 4 copies of that column and it works fine… until I save.

Then the 4 new ones all disappear, with no error messages or anything.

Are duplicates not allowed or is it a bug, or something else?

(Simon Robinson) #2

Emailed to support@ too

(Reza Raoofi) #3

Yes, slices do not seem to allow duplicate columns; I think it makes sense, but I understand the fact that after adding a column once, it does not remove it from the dropdown list, and you can keep adding the same column which might be misleading.