I've got a loan repayment log as shown below ...

(Simon Blackburn) #1

I’ve got a loan repayment log as shown below in the attached image. I have a chart view showing when each payment was made and how much was paid.

Is there anyway within this chart view I can add the total paid from a £1500 loan? Or is there any other way I can display this info?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You could add a virtual column to calculate how much you have paid already and then add that column to your chart as a separate field.

(Simon Blackburn) #3

I’ve used the expression “=SUM(Form responses 3[Amount])” in the virtual column and Its displayed like the image 670 being the total repaid.

What can I do to show a pie chart where I can have one colour representing the total repaid and the other colour represnting the loan amount?