I've just returned to my development of my Ap...

(David Ames) #1

I’ve just returned to my development of my AppSheet apps, after about 6 months of absence from it.

As I recall, on the phone there used to be a “wrench” icon where the user could adjust things like the font size of the app that that user was viewing on the phone.

That seems to be gone now, maybe after an update?

So is the only way to control the size of the display font on the app to adjust it in the master app?

In other words, are the users of the app no longer able to control the font size on the user end?


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi @David_Ames, the wrench was only visible to the app creator and only when the app was a prototype. It was meant to be an easy edit tool, but we found that it had very little adoption so we removed it.

If you want to allow your app user to make changes, try using UserSettings. And then utilize the UserSettings values in expressions. I don’t think the font-size specifically is currently changeable via an expression but the direction we are headed is to make everything changeable via an expression.

(David Ames) #3

Good to know! Thank you, Praveen!