I've made a few changes to an app with a sing...

(Tim Fite) #1

I’ve made a few changes to an app with a single user. At deployment check, I am now told I’ve run afoul of my free subscription: Plan type FREE is not allowed because: User settings are not allowed with the FREE plan.

How can I figure out what I did that’s the problem?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Tim,

With the FREE plan, you can use prototypes or personal apps. But when you go thru the Deployment check, you are prepping to use the app “for real”.

Any app that is deployed (not a prototype) should be on a paid plan. You can certainly test prototypes on mobile devices, but when the app moves to being used “for real”, the expectation is that you set up as subscription.

(Tim Fite) #3

Totally cool. The pricing page says that a personal use app is always free, so I believed I could modify and redploy, continuing to use this personally for free. The warning is that “User settings are not allowed with the free plan,” but I don’t mean to be using any user settings. I’ll search again for what I did to make this require an upgrade.