I've made a slice 'Individual interventions' ...

(Diogenes ASBL - VZW) #1

I’ve made a slice ‘Individual interventions’ based on the input of a user:

row filter condition:

AND(USEREMAIL()=[Usermail], Contains(Filter Individuel[Année],[Année]))

where ‘Filter Individuel’ is the form where the user can select the year [Année]

In my main table I use this slice to make the sum of values of a column:

eg: Total RDV =Sum(Individual Interventions[RDV])

So I get the sum of [RDV] based on the input of the user via the form.

(Thx to @Sarah_Gould_AppSheet

The chart of this data is changing … But only when you first add a row in the main table.

Is it possible to trigger this change automaticaly?

Thx a lot Bram

(Andrea Sala) #2

Intresting. I’m following. BR