I've put effort into managing the size of ima...

(Simon Wagner) #1

I’ve put effort into managing the size of images in order to increase the speed of my app. I switch between Thumb_ and original images back and forth. For each image I have two versions one small version called “Thumb_Original” and the other called “Original”. Provided I need the higher (lower) resolution I switch between both versions.

In order to get the Thumb. Filter



Image Action:


and reverse if I need the higher resolution.

Will that increase the speed or is that anyway something that is handled in the background by the appsheet server?

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(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Basically there is no difference when you sync the app are you using small or big images. When you sync the app, it doesn’t read images, just the image name. The only difference you will see when you open the detail view and how quickly the image will be displayed. If it’s a thumbnail, more quickly you will see it. The same with the Deck or Gallery view.