I've run into a strange Display Name bug. I ...

(Dan Stoffels) #1

I’ve run into a strange Display Name bug.

I have a list of dates and a formula for the Display Name to show the month and day at the top. The formula has been working just fine until recently, it will display the correct date but immediately switch to “0”. If I select a form field or edit any detail it switches back to the correct date. Anyone else run into this issue?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Are you seeing this value in a table view?

(Dan Stoffels) #3

I’m only using deck views, and those display properly. I should also note that the “delete” icon disappears and reappears as it switches to and from displaying “0”

The issue only exists when selecting from the deck in its dashboard view. If I select a date from the deck view, the display name and delete icon are fine.

(Dan Stoffels) #4
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(Dan Stoffels) #6

circling back, wondering if anyone else has this issue or if this is a known bug