I've set up my AWS Cognito account (as outlin...

(Sebastian Tiller) #1

I’ve set up my AWS Cognito account (as outlined in this guide: https://help.appsheet.com/security/domain-integration/user-access-control-via-aws-cognito). After following the steps to enable it for my application I reinstalled the application on my phone and the Cognos Built-in Sign-up/Sign-in pages displayed as I would expect.

After logging in the first time it prompted me to reset my password, which I did and I received the following error: ‘RedirectURI is not registered with the client’.

I then close the application and checked the AWS console. The modifications such as adding my phone number had made it to Cognito so I re-opened the application and logged in again with the updated password and received another error: ‘Client is not enabled for OAuth2.0 flows.’

Is there something I have missed in configuring this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Yes, please check Step 2b in our docs on setting up your Cognito User Pool. It looks like the user pool is not set up correctly for OAuth 2.0, and the callback url is not correctly set (it should be https://www.appsheet.com/Account/ELC)

(Sebastian Tiller) #3

Thanks, Praveen. Attached are my settings which I believe are the same as how you have outlined it in Step 2b. The only difference is after I save the settings the localhost callback URL moves to the front.

Could it be that I have configured the users to sign in using their Email instead of a username?