Japanese characters in attachment are garbling

I have created a custom app with AppSheet.
I add a file column on a list display.
When I add and open the attachment, all Japanese characters in the attachment are garbling.
The attached file is saved with UTF-8 character set.
Please give me advice to fix this issue.
Thank you.


What is the file type you are saving?
xlsx, csv, doc, etc.

Also, are you running Open from this UI?


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Thank you, Takuya san
Well, file type is txt with UTF-8 as character code.
If I click the icon you mentioned, the attached file will be opened.
All Japanese characters in the attached file are garbling.

Yes, I am running Open from this UI, but the same issue.

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My understanding is Appsheet is dropping the character code when we upload txt file to the cloud. So it is rendering the character broken when we see the files.

I would suggest we avoide to upload text, then instead, we create longtext field where the user just copy and paste text to this field instead of uploading the txt file.


Koichi san

Thank you for your resolution.
Yes, it can be an alternative.
I will do it for my resolution.

Thank you.



I think Koichi-san suggestion is the AppSheet Way too.

However, when I was checking the behavior, I came across something I’d like to share.
If the text file is UTF-8 with BOM, it will be displayed.

If you are interested, please give it a try.



Takuya san

I could resolve my issue with your advice.
Yes, I can attach my file without character garbling if I save it as UTF-8 with BOM.

I appreciate of your kind support.