Jargon/Job Title Interpretation


Is there a function in AppSheet that will take a job title and make an inference based on a search for it, since employers have different name for different job titles.


No, although you could build your own table of related terms that might work.


I have this… how can I proceed? My understanding is to use refs but I’m not sure.


Note that I haven’t tried this myself… but if I were to, I would create a user_titles table that includes a related_titles enumlist referencing itself:


You could make an onsave action that ensures consistency across all user_titles as you update them. For example, if you add the related term ‘Owner’ to the user_title ‘CEO’, you would also want to add the related term ‘CEO’ to ‘Owner’. There would also be ways to ensure this level of consistency with virtual columns. Hard to say which is better - it would depend on how large your table is and how often you intend on updating it.

For my own curiosity… I’d like to know how @Steve would approach this.


I’d seen this topic and couldn’t think of a good way to do what @Rory_Vaughan wanted, but this made me reconsider! I like the direction you’re going!