JSON body issue

Hey all I have been having a tough time with what seems like a really simple JSON body template to update one column of a set of child records.

I have other API workflows which are more complex but for some reason this one is not working and maybe a fresh pair of eyes might help.

this is the condition that triggers the actions. The first action to email a pdf file is working, so the trigger condition is not the issue ( I can also verify this in the google sheet where I see the trigger column is being changed)

These are the settings for the API edit to the column to change it’s status from the initial value of NOT FINAL to NOT STARTED. I can’t see where I may have gone wrong. Bizarre to me.

any help is much appreciated guys!

For starters: you need to provide the key column and value for each Row.


@Marc_Dillon thank you. I just wanted to change the STATUS column value of all rows to the same static value of “NOT STARTED”

Also I updated the picture of the JSON body to be less confusing because currently there is a UI bug which displays the wrong table for the “Table to work against” even though it displays DAILY LIST, the actual table selected verified by URL is DAILY TASK

by using the start expression haven’t I specified the key value of the child rows?

No. You’ve just specified a list for the template to iterate on.

Add it in like this:



I tried this but it still did not work. I have only ever used the add option for the webhook before so perhaps I need to do some reading to understand what I’m not specifying here. I was under the impression just simply using the start expression would list all the related DAILY TASK rows. and specifying the column for STATUS would overwrite the existing value

This is always the case :wink:

You need the quotes around <<[daily task id]>>


Thank you so much @Marc_Dillon

wow that’s weird. it isn’t obvious to me why that’s needed on edits and not on adds when the start expression is enough to supply the rows. Is there a simple explanation, either way I will certainly read that documentation!

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